Sign Lighting

Sign Lighting

Get sign lighting for ground and wall applications from this assortment at Sign Company Supply. Featuring gooseneck, flood and spot sign lights, each fixture is commercial-grade and rated for exterior use. And for outdoor sign lighting with custom style, check out the range of features including size, shade type, color and finish options on gooseneck styles.

Add outdoor sign lighting to monument signs, post and panel, awnings and entryways. With the right sign lights in place, businesses maintain visible signage 24 hours a day. And with designer goosenecks available for storefront, awning and wall sign lighting, commercial and retail exteriors enjoy a practical light source that also enhances building architecture: A round-the-clock enhancement to any business brand, large or small.

Enjoy sign lights in brilliant styles to enhance most any outdoor sign lighting project. Online at Sign Company Supply, we feature various types of exterior sign lighting including designer gooseneck fixtures, flood and spot lights. Whether directing illumination upward at a monument sign, or casting a downward trajectory of light onto storefront signage, find a fixture here to achieve attractive results.

Outdoor sign lighting serves both practical and aesthetic goals. For corporate office parks, small businesses, retail storefronts, city buildings, and more, sign lights keep a property visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is invaluable to brand visibility, nighttime wayfinding, and also security. And during the day, attractive sign lighting can enhance the architecture of a building, as in elegant gooseneck silhouettes; or blend into surroundings, as in flood or spot lights with ground stakes.

Get creative with sign lights to create accent lighting outside and inside. In addition to commercial clients, residential designers and homeowners also enjoy quality-grade lighting for a range of applications. Goosenecks make a great spot light for artwork hanging above a mantle or along the walls of a neighborhood eatery. These alluring fixtures also make great awning and entryway lighting, both in single and multi-fixture arrangements.

When it comes to outdoor sign lighting for large monument and post and panel signage, flood and spot lights are undeniably effective. Sign Company Supply carries a range of sign lights appropriate for exterior use, including energy efficient flood light bars and directional bullets. While flood and spot sign lighting is primarily functional, choosing the right fixture is key to ensuring a property looks polished around the clock.

Browse outdoor sign lighting in various styles online at Sign Company Supply by clicking on categories above. Some products will carry custom options, like our gooseneck sign light styles that come in various shade, arm, color and finish combinations. Choose a fixture, order online and enjoy brilliant outdoor sign lighting delivered right to your door.