Gooseneck Lighting

Gooseneck Lighting

Illuminate signage, entryways, awnings and interiors with this collection of gooseneck lights. Each American-made gooseneck lighting style features timeless design, commercial-grade durability and a host of custom options. Choose a design for attractive gooseneck sign lighting in multi-fixture arrangements, or select a single gooseneck light as an accent or entryway fixture.

Make gooseneck lighting work for your project with our range of options. In different shade and arm styles and sizes, gooseneck lights can take on unique personalities. Achieve a classic aesthetic with the industrial-inspired warehouse shade, or choose a contemporary angle shade. With arms designed for all applications, gooseneck sign lighting can be created to arch up and over awnings, or fit below an overhang. Round it all out with custom color and finish choices to create gooseneck lights in harmony with any project aesthetic, interior or exterior.

Add gooseneck lighting to exterior and interior design plans for a boost of light and personality. Featured in distinct shade and arm combinations, gooseneck lights can be made to look rustic and traditional, or trendy and modern. Choose from simple or ornate arms, classic or contemporary shades, and create fixtures that speak to a unique project aesthetic.

Create gooseneck sign lighting, awning lighting, storefront or interior lighting in custom combinations right from our online store. At Sign Company Supply, we feature American-made gooseneck lights in popular shade styles like the barn, warehouse, angle and emblem shades. Styles range from vintage to modern and can be made to feel more rustic or polished with the right combination of colors and finishes. With 25 different hues to choose from, it's easy to achieve a desired look.

Gooseneck lighting is appropriate for interior and exterior display in commercial or residential applications. Multi-fixture arrangements are commonly used as gooseneck sign lighting along retail storefronts, restaurants and commercial buildings. A gooseneck also makes a lovely entryway light, adding personality and security all at once. These stylish fixtures are adept at going up and over awnings or squeezing in under overhangs. Simply choose from one of various arm styles and sizes to achieve the desired trajectory.

In addition to style and color variations, gooseneck lights come with various lamping and ballast options. While incandescent lamping is standard for most fixtures, the option to upgrade to energy efficient CF and HID configurations is also available. And Sign Company Supply offers a range of supplemental accessory upgrades including grills and globes. Please call for details or custom requests not shown online.

Enjoy the endless possibilities with gooseneck lighting and start your search online today. Whether beginning with an arm style, shade style or aiming to just take it all in, use our organized product categories to build out gooseneck lights your way. For bulk orders and custom projects, we do offer one-on-one consultation over the phone.