Gooseneck Lighting by Arm Extension

Gooseneck Lighting by Arm Extension

Cater lighting design to your project needs with goose neck lights featuring various arm attachments. Project up and over awnings, brighten sign edges, or enhance entryways with RLM lighting fixtures designed for diverse trajectories. In any setting, goose neck lighting is a time honored way to shine light right where you want it.

Gooseneck neck lighting online at Sign Company Supply is featured in a range of attractive shade and arm combinations. This variety gives our customers control over their design to yield RLM lighting fixtures suited to unique project requirements. Each fixture is made from commercial-grade aluminum and comes in a choice of 25 powder coated finishes (additional charges may apply). This corrosion and rust resistant finishing enhances outdoor performance. Goose neck lights also come with a round or box mounting plate for easy wall mount applications. Display outside or inside for a charming look that will enhance the visibility of your business 24/7.

Brighten up your business with goose neck lighting in attractive shade and arm combinations. Here, our RLM lighting fixtures are conveniently organized by gooseneck arm design. By deciding where light needs to project customers can choose an appropriate arm style and finish it off with a choice of shades in Barn, Warehouse, Angle or Emblem designs.

Get gooseneck lights to project illumination right where you want it with the right gooseneck arm. Silhouettes vary from straight bars, to hooks and arches that can reach up and over awnings. Depending on the application, RLM lighting fixtures may need to work around architectural features and protrusions such as overhangs and moldings. The right gooseneck arm works with all such considerations to get lighting projects off to a good start.

In addition to their functional purpose, gooseneck arms can also add design appeal. For projects with a traditional design feel, goose neck lighting on an ornately arched arm adds a classic visual. And for a more contemporary take on goose neck lights, a straight or gently sloping arm will give fixtures an effortless and clean line.

RLM lighting fixtures are made from durable, quality-grade aluminum through and through. Each fixture includes a mounting back plate for easy attachment to most any flat surface. While goose neck lighting is perhaps most recognizable as an outdoor sign light, these fixtures are also prevalent in interior applications. Restaurants, bars, hotels and retail spaces nationwide employ these charming fixtures as dining room, display and accent lighting.

Order goose neck lighting fixtures online by choosing a gooseneck arm, shade style, size, and custom finish options. Powder coated paint finishes come in 25 colors and are rust resistant for virtually maintenance-free outdoor use. Standard lamping for goose neck fixtures is standard INC. Optional upgrades to compact fluorescent, metal halide or high pressure sodium lamping are also available. Please call for details and price quotes.